Full List of Overseas Players

From Toft Cricket Club
Year Name
1979 Keith Charlery (WI) and Francis Maurice (WI)
1980 Leslie Wenzler (SA) and Laurence Smith (SA)
1981 Francis Maurice (WI)
1982-1996 No Overseas player
1997 Palash Bhowmick (Ind)
1998 Palash Bhowmick (Ind)
1999 Palash Bhowmick (Ind)
2000 Manoj (Manny) Roy (Ind)
2001 Manoj (Manny) Roy (Ind)
2002 Manoj (Manny) Roy (Ind)
2003 Manoj (Manny) Roy (Ind)
2004 Scott Anderson (NZ)
2005 Manoj (Manny) Roy (Ind)
2006 Josh Durrant (Aus)
2007 Ashwin Punja (Ind)
2008 Josh Bean (Aus)
2009 Josh Bean (Aus)
2010 Jeremy Hart (Aus)
2011 Aaron Sayers (Aus)
2012 Jake Hancock (Aus)
2013 Jake Hancock (Aus)
2014 Jake Hancock (Aus)
2015 Jake Hancock (Aus)