Tommy Hodson

From Toft Cricket Club

Full name  Thomas Hodson

Born  December 7, 1939, Manchester, Lancashire

Major teams  Cheshire (Minor Counties Championship: 1965-1979);

Cheshire cap  1972 Marylebone Cricket Club

Batting style  Right-hand bat

Fielding position  Wicketkeeper

MCC Games

MCC v. QUEGS Blackburn. East Lancs played at East Lancashire CC in Blackburn 4 stumpings by Tommy Hodson helped the MCC claim victory by a narrower margin than the day before, with spin again being chiefly responsible. The next game, was played at Bolton-by-Bowland cricket club against Clitheroe Royal Grammar School. Tommy Hodson again took 4 stumpings to help us to victory. Prior to these two games and in a career spanning well over 50 years, he had never taken 4 stumpings in a match. At 71 years old, Tommy was recognised as having been the first wicketkeeper ever to wear a helmet whilst keeping. In 1993 it was commented upon by the Test Match Special team and dismissed by them as nonsense and not the done thing. A few months later Ian Healy was wearing one in Test matches and now it is accepted practice the world over.

Tommy Hodson's MCC record

WICKET-keeper Tommy Hodson, who played for a variety of League clubs, latterly Marple, during a long career, restricts himself to playing for MCC now he has passed the age of 70. Tom was a guest of MCC at Lord's during the Pakistan Test match when he was joined by another long-serving MCC member Robert Harrison, formerly of Winnington Park. Planning to continue turning out in 2011, Tom has now topped a record 500 appearances for the famous old club. 

Tommy’s still not out after 60 years of stumpings

STAYING PUT ... Tommy Hodson has no plans to hang up the wicket-keeping gloves – even at the age of 70. Wicketkeeper Tommy Hodson has been behind the stumps for 60 years – but he’s not planning to hang up his gloves just yet. Tommy, from Handforth, took up cricket as a 10-year-old in 1949 after catching the bug while watching his father. Since then, he has gone on to play for the Marylebone Cricket Club, the world’s most famous cricket club, a staggering 529 times since making his debut against Sedbergh CC in 1979 – a feat he is confident will never be surpassed.

Tommy, 70, said: "My father played for Woodford Cricket Club and I would regularly go down and watch him play. That’s really where my interest came from. I would take his kit and use a lamp post as the wicket. He would tell me not to damage his bat because they cost £4.50 which was a lot of money. I have to pay £200 for my bats now. I thought I’ve peaked lots of times over the years but I keep going and I’ve got no plans to retire just yet."

"I’ve had injuries to my spine, hip and eyes but I feel fairly fit at the moment so I expect I’ll be going for a little while longer yet." And the secret to a long and successful career? An understanding wife and boss says Tommy. "I think the main thing is being self-employed," he added. "I’ve been able to find the time to play in the games whereas other, less fortunate people, can’t just leave work in the middle of the day to play a game of cricket. "That’s why I don’t expect the record to be broken any time soon because cricket is a very time-consuming game." "My wife Lynne puts up with it," he added. "She comes to support me but I think a gin and tonic always helps."

Most Wicket Keepers dismissals for Cheshire CCC is 202 by Tommy Hodson c 161 st 41 in 98 matches